Why Choose Smile in Hour® Dentist Dental Clinic for Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment.

Single sitting Root Canal Treatment is becoming a popular procedure, especially in the Smile in Hour® dental clinics in India. With the revolutionary changes in treatment concepts and development in advanced technology, smile in hour dentists in India is routinely doing this procedure by EndoDeck.

Statistics have shown that the single sitting root canal treatments, cause less pain than multiple sitting root canal treatments. Thus, all the reputed smile in hour dental clinics in India, are offering this treatment modality. Also, since time is at a premium with patients, smile in hour dentists are using the EndoDeck Advanced Digital Endodontic System, which reduces the time of the entire treatment to just 45 minutes to 60 minutes ie from the start to the finish.

Why is RCT required?

Root canal treatment is required in the cases when the
* infection occurred has spread to the deeper levels of a tooth.
* Degeneration of the pulp occurs once it attracts infection to it.

Root canal treatment is most commonly advised immediately in case of the formation of abscess where the pus-pocket gets created at the end of the roots of the tooth. If the abscess is not treated on time with Root canal treatment, then it can lead to severe effects on the health of the jawbone of the respective person.

Awesome Features

single sitting root canal treatment


  • No Fear,
  • Quick,
  • Safe,
  • Computer Guided Technology
  • 3D Obturation system

Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment Procedure in 30 minitus video…

USA Patient Review for Single visit RCT !

EndoDack – Advanced Endodontic System

EndoDeck Advanced Digital Endodontic System by Smile in Hour India

Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment FAQ’s:

  • Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment Cost Charges

    The average cost of root canal treatment in India varies but at Smile in Hour® clinic, it varies between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 8000 per tooth. Its done by the EndoDeck team of RCT specialist with latest technologies & high expertise. The price depends on the type of treatment such as

    • Anterior RCT Cost  5000/-Rs Per Tooth
    • Posterior RCT cost 6000/-Rs Per Tooth
    • single sitting RCT  7000/-Rs Per Tooth
    • Repeat-RCT  8000/-Rs Per Tooth
  • How to do single sitting root canal treatment

    • First a local anesthesia is administered to the tooth and the tooth become numb so that the procedure is more pleasant & comfortable.
    • Next step Smile in Hour Dentist uses a drill to gain access to the area inside the tooth where the nerve is. A hole is made inside the tooth, to open the pulp chamber to allow access to the canals.
    • Next, he cleans the pulp chamber and all root canals using with help of special endohandpiece instruments with use rotary files the infected nerves are removed.
    • The root canals are flushed with antibacterial solution. Root canals are further cleaned scrapes and scrubs, cleaning it of debris and bacteria & reshaped to free them of all debris with the endorotary file instrument.
    • Once the root canals are dry & clean, he is filled and sealed with a biocompatible material like as Gutta Purcha Points with 3D Obturation System.
    • The tooth cavity is then filled with a permanent tooth color light cure composite filling material.
    • A root canal treated tooth should be ideally crowned after some days.

    Root Canal Treatment in 30 min Painless Single Visit Procedure

  • Single sitting Root Canal indications

    • Tooth nerve tissue has started to degenerate in case of attrition, abrasion.
    • Teeth causing pain.
    • Tooth nerve exposure in case of fracture or trauma to the tooth.
    • Patients with acute tooth abscess.
  • Does Root Canal Treatment hurt

    Root canal treatment does not hurt patients at all.

    If the patient has pain in a tooth, then it is dealt with in the best way with the expertise of the smile in hour® dentist or an endodontist. Proper utilization of the local anesthetics and Endodeck advanced endodontic system is useful in preventing pain during root canal treatment.

  • How much time does a root canal treatment take?

    The time taken for a single visit root canal treatment is usually around 90 minutes at Smile in Hour dentist dental clinic Mumbai, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, India

    In case of performing second-time means re-root canal treatment in the same tooth, then at least 2 appointments of at least 60 minutes each are taken into consideration.

  • Will I feel pain during root Canal treatment?

    No. Usually, root canal treatment is performed with local anesthesia. But, if sedation is given to the patient, then he might feel sleepy.

  • What are the success rates of Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment?

    The success rates of root canal treatment ranges from 87% to 99%.

    The success rate of RCT at Smile in Hour Dentist Dental Clinic is almost 99% by EndoDeck Advanced Digital Endodontic System.

    A lot many times; we receive badly done RCT cases where the re-doing of root canal treatment is needed in almost all cases. We have the expertise through EndoDeck to save your teeth with Re-RCT procedures as well.

  • How to know if the root canal treatment failed?

    Root canal treatment failure has the following all or anyone symptoms:

    1. Severe toothache pain in the RCT treated tooth.
    2. Swelling of the nearby gums.
    3. Symptoms not getting relieved.
  • Can I drive a Car or traveling after single sitting root canal treatment?

    Yes. You could drive or travel journey after root canal treatment as it’s done under local anesthesia,

    👉 But if you were given sedation, please use help driving.

  • What should I eat after root canal treatment?

    Gradually, you can start using that side for active eating.

    After root canal treatment you are given a printed instruction list to follow.

  • What is the best type of crown/Cap recommended for root canal treatment?

    “A Dental Crown / Cap is necessary on root canal treated teeth because the tooth is non vital so any hard food chewing chance to tooth fracture possibilities.”

    There are different types of crown/Cap advised for the tooth treated with root canal treatment, but then the type of crown used varies with the case and choice of the patient.

    • Zirconia – This is the most commonly advised and utilised type of crown for the tooth which is treated with Root canal treatment. It is metal free, tooth color and features of the natural tooth. The durability of these types of crowns is much more too.
    • Porcelain fused to metal PFM – This combination is stronger than the regular porcelain.
    • Base metal alloys (Silver Cap) – These types of crowns are resistant to corrosion. This type of crowns does not require much removal of the teeth from the patient.

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