“Preventive & Specialist Dental Care For Your Family”

Preventive Dentistry is the practice of caring for your teeth to keep them healthy.

Why Choose Smile in Hour Dental Specialists for Preventive Dentistry?

Painless Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment

The main aim of the RCT is to remove the damaged pulp from the tooth and make sure that its infection free.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical procedure to remove one or more wisdom teeth, third set of molars in the back of your mouth.

Fix Loose Lower Dentures

How to Fix Loose Lower Dentures. There are several ways to fix your dentures adhesive or implant-supported dentures

Child Dental Care

Pediatric dental clinic, promote the dental health of children as well as serve parents. Get your kid’s teeth problems treated by best kids dentist.

Membership Plan

SIH Dental membership plan is an annual oral health care program. A whole year’s solution to your family’s Dental Problems.

Bleeding Gums Treatment

Bleeding gums when brushing due to increasing amounts of plaque in your mouth. Plaque contains germs that attack the healthy tissue around the teeth. If plaque build-up calculus occurs, gums become inflamed and irritated, which may cause them to bleed

Sensitive Teeth Treatment

Sensitive teeth dental treatment by SIH dentist, Tooth Sensitivity Causes, Remedies & Treatment

Foul Smelling Bad Breath

Foul Smelling Bad Breath Cause poor dental hygiene, dehydration or recently eating certain foods like onions or garlic.

Oral Cancer Diagnosis

Tests and procedures used to diagnose mouth cancer include Physical examination of the lip and mouth to look for abnormalities — areas of irritation, such as sores and white patches like leukoplakia. Removal of tissue for biopsy testing.

Mouth Ulcer Treatment

Oral ulcers need time to heal and there’s no quick fix. Most mouth ulcers don’t need treatment. However, if you get mouth ulcers often or they’re extremely painful visit SIH Dentist Dental Clinic.

Habit Breaking Appliance

Tongue thrusting and thumb sucking are the most commonly seen oral habits. Habit Correction Appliance for Mouth breathing, Bruxism, Nail Biting, Lip Biting, finger biting, mouth breathing.

Sedation Dentistry

Anxiety-free Dental Care Option, It is used to provide a relaxing and anxiety-free experience for people receiving dental treatment.

Preventive & Specialist Dental Care by Smile in Hour Dentist practice use conservative, state-of-the-art procedures to help maintain or restore oral health. Taking good care of oral hygiene and teeth may help prevent dental issues such as Cavities, Gum Disease, Tooth Loss, Pyorrhoea

Smile in Hour dental health plan is an annual oral health care program. A whole year’s solution to your family’s Dental Problems. please visit Smile in Hour YouTube Channel >>

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