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Smile in Hour Cosmetic Laser Dental Implants Clinic Smile in Hour® Reviews India, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Delhi,Mumbai, Chennai

My Smile in Hour Idea

To be the preferred Cosmetic & Laser Dentistry Services, Advanced Dental Implants Services, and Preventive & Specialist Dental Care provider in every neighborhood across pan India by offering high-quality dental care, ethically.

  • Smile in Hour Dentist offers a comprehensive set of oral healthcare services, leverages best-in-class equipment, and utilizes the latest pain-management technology to provide affordable oral healthcare of the highest quality.
  • To establish itself as the industry leader, Smile in Hour adheres to the highest standards in Dental clinic safety and hygiene, customer service, and recruiting, with a constant focus on ethics and transparency.
  • Smile in Hour also allocates resources to address the oral healthcare needs of under-served communities.
  • Smile in Hour dentists is committed to providing dental care that addresses both your short- and long-term oral health needs. Comprehensive and Preventive care in a friendly environment.

How to Differentiate your Dental Practice to survive in the Competitive Dental Economy

➡️ Do you want to become a successful Dentopreneur ?

✅ Join today India’s First dentistry innovation as one of Its Kind Corporate Group Practice in “Cosmetic & Implants Dentistry” Ultimate Health & Beauty Service organization by Smile in Hour LLP.

Smile in Hour dental practices are independently owned and operated by licensed dentists.

“As Smile in Hour organization continues to grow 100 new Smile in Hour Dentist Dental Clinic Franchises are planned for this year alone – so does our need for providing superior business support to dentists and their teams, which is why we’ve been so focused on building our leadership team

“Dr Bharat Agravat and the extended leadership team bring years of experience and deep expertise to SIH, which strengthens our ability to support the dentists who hire us to help them develop successful practices.”

A seasoned Cosmetic and Oral Implantologist with 20 years of experience encompassing all clinic, Dr Bharat Agravat will support the needs of the Smile in Hour Dental network of dentist-owned and operated locations and focus on recruitment strategies to support the organization’s continued growth.


World’s First Smile Makeover in Hour Spalon like Ambience Smart Clinic concept “Smile in Hour®” as one of Its Kind “Group Practice in Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry” Ultimate Health & Beauty Service Organization

  • Strategies to manage patients with dental anxiety and dental phobia. Created an atmosphere that seems unthreatening & calm.
  • “Snoezelen” dental environment for Pediatric/Kid patients.
Meet Founder & CEO Dr Bharat Agravat

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Welcome to the world’s first Smile Makeover in hour Smile in Hour® Spalon ambiance in Cosmetic, Laser, and Implants Dentistry Smart Clinic.

We are innovators and Entrepreneurs that believe in the power of creativity, diversity, and innovation to change the world.

We’re looking for new smiles to join us in delivering on that promise.

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