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Smile in hour best teeth whitening India. Natural home teeth Whitening Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Surat

Smile in Hour™ is A State-Of-The-Art, advanced teeth whitening Lounge, teeth whitening with a new concept and an innovative way COSMETIC TEETH WHITENING, NOT Dentist teeth whitening. Smile in Hour™  cosmetic teeth whitening about can whiten your teeth up to 9 shades brighter, and has been developed by cosmetic dentist Dr Bharat Agravat an industry leader with over 17 years’ experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry.

Where enjoy your teeth whitening procedure, by relaxing in an Italian Egg-shaped chair for a 15-30 minutes session without the dentist-phobia, stressful dental chair lights, and revolutionary non-invasive painless teeth whitening procedure. The Smile in Hour cosmetic Teeth Whitening process sequence of the power of high grade professional teeth whitening gel with concentrated LED light to get actually glowing effects! This process removes stains from tea, coffee, red wine, smoking; tobacco chewing, curries other food and also whiten your yellow teeth.

Signature Smile

5500 per person
  • Signature Smile Package
  • Duration: Per Person 15 minutes,
  • Teeth Whitening Cost – Rs.5500

Corporate Package

Want your employee to greet you with a Brighter Smile?

When your organization becomes a Corporate Partner to Smile in Hour, it means every employee can potentially save money. Good news if you want teeth whitening at your place call us at +91 7575 00 8686 for special corporate Teeth Whitening Cost packages.

  • Advantage of Whiten Your Smile at Smile in Hour

    What’s more, you can trust that The Smile in Hour tooth whitening have been extensively evaluated to provide a safe and proven way to brighter the shade of your smile.

    • Fastest procedure and Instant results. Get brilliant white teeth in just 15-30 minutes!
    • Absolutely safe and noninvasive. Cosmetic Laser Teeth Whitening is a quick and routinely done superficial procedure
    • Quality is so good that cosmetic tooth whitening lasts for a very long time results that last for 2-3 month or more.
    • Highly affordable Cost Effective. You will find our teeth whitening prices extremely competitive and The Smile in Hour also offer special packages for multiple bookings.
    • Offer a range of teeth whitening shade options and provide you with all the facts you need to make an informed decision about your teeth.

    See the difference that teeth whitening can make to a smile for you by looking at our Smile gallery, read our teeth whitening FAQs

  • Indication

    We all know what a beautiful smile can do! Whiten your teeth and brighten your smile, best choice for any occasion …

    • Wedding Parties
    • Graduations Photos
    • Personal
    • Holiday
    • Special events
    • Parties
    • Professional
    • Job Interviews

    Its latest non-Invasive, quick, painless, affordable cosmetic teeth whitening procedure that can natural way whiten your teeth. Get your beautiful smile now!

  • The Teeth whitening process by Smile in Hour

    Thanks to Cosmetic Dentist Bharat Agravat is 17 years Experienced, Award Winner and best known for his exceptional work in Painless Cosmetic & Implant dentistry. He transforms your stained and discolored teeth into whitens teeth by 2-9 shades within a 15-30 minute at affordable cost.

    A traditional teeth whitening treatment usually requires an appointment with a dental surgeon and at least require two appointments. Smile in Hour cuts the process down to 15-30 minutes.

    Smile in Hour Cosmetic Clinic is making teeth whitening procedure as relaxed as receiving at spalon. So kindly we request for visit.

    Step by step Procedure of teeth whitening

    • The first step is a quick discussion to make sure you don’t have any teeth sensitivity and gum problems.
    • Note: During Pregnancy, children under the age of 18, and Person with periodontal disease are not advisable from undergoing this procedure.
    • You are given a disposable brush or flavored finger cap for removing plaque.
    • Shades of teeth: The shade of the teeth is important to give natural look to your smile. Once you match your teeth against the shade card and then seat you in a chair.
  • FAQ – Cosmetic teeth whitening

    Are teeth whitening treatment for everyone? and why do I require teeth whitening?

    Various reasons are there for your teeth need to be whitened. Teeth color depends on the skin color like our hair color. The fair skin people have yellowish teeth and the dark skin people have whiter teeth. As the ages goes on the teeth becomes dull discolored. Teeth also become dark or stained due to use of excessive tea, coffee, wine and smoking.

    Is teeth whitening safe and will it hurt?

    Most of our customers experience no pain or sensitivity. This is considered among the best option in the latest cosmetic teeth whitening and is cost effective. Note: During Pregnancy, children under the age of 18, and Person with periodontal disease are not advisable from undergoing this procedure.

    What are Cosmetic teeth whitening?

    At Smile I Hour Cosmetic Teeth whitening process by which the teeth become naturally white by lightening its original shade which is present.

    How much time does teeth whitening take?

    Teeth Whitening is a 15-30 minute procedure.

    How is Smile in hour Cosmetic TW different from other procedures of teeth whitening?

    Smile in Hour whitening technique whitens your teeth immediately and has no side effects. The result is 70-90% better than home teeth whitening products and similar technologies.

    How long teeth whitening will last?

    The teeth whitening result is long lasting depends on the person to person and their habits. If you maintain oral hygiene through regular brushing, flossing and any special instructions given. The effects won’t last as long if you smoke or consume foods and drinks that can stain your teeth.

    Is there any side effect of Cosmetic teeth whitening?

    There is no side effect of cosmetic teeth whitening some time the patient may feel sensitivity from cold after teeth whitening immediately but it will last for a few hours and next day patient does not have any sensitivity.

    Will it whiten or any effect on my existing dental crowns, veneers or bridges?

    Teeth whitening treatment cannot change the color of porcelain crowns, bridges or veneers.

    Experience during teeth whitening procedure?

    In teeth whitening procedure at smile in hour, patient can see Television, movie, serials and listen to their favorite music. The patient will not feel any discomfort.

    How much difference I will get after teeth whitening?

    After teeth whitening your teeth shade will be brighter up to 4 to 5 shades. Smile in Hour also have other various packages with varied results.

    Benefits of teeth whitening at Smile in hour Cosmetic Cinic?

    • Teeth whitening will make your teeth brighter. • A bright sparkling smile can make a big difference for everyone. •    You will feel confidence in your smile.

    Advice to follow after tooth whitening?

    We recommend the following tips to care for your teeth: •    Brush your teeth for as advice twice a day. •    Cut down on how often you have sugary foods and drinks.

  • About The SIH Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Products

    Smile in hour best teeth whitening India. Natural home teeth Whitening Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Surat

    SIH exclusive teeth whitening about products are developed by one of either America or Europe’s leaders in the field of cosmetic teeth whitening. SIH teeth whitening product’s is shipped factory fresh direct from American to you and because we buy directly from the manufacturer in large quantities, we can supply this product at such a low price compared to what is charged when going to the dentist.

    • US FDA Approved Teeth Whitening Gel
    • Whitening Gel is made in USA or Europe.
    • Dental and Food Grade Teeth Whitening Gel
    • Dentist recommended product

    Smile in Hour products are cost effective, easy to use and are backed by our shopper satisfaction guarantee

  • India’s 1st Online Teeth Whitening Store!

    “Whiten your teeth at home with Smile in Hour- India’s First & One of the best Home Teeth Whitening Online Store.”

    We sell home whitening products online and our products are made in the USA and F.D.A Approved. Browse our wide range of Non-Peroxide, EU- Compliant self-administered whitening kit, premium tooth whitening kit, tooth whitening pen, Tan White™, Remineralizing and Desensitizing Gel, Minerals Enamel Booster, Whitening gel, Gift Set, Gift voucher, offers, and membership. Shop online today, we delivered Worldwide to your doorstep.

    Smile in Hour lineup just set the standard when it comes to at home teeth whitening products, with over 17 years’ experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Our teeth whitening kits, gels and accessories are sell to TV personalities, actors, models, dentist and home teeth whitening products is supplied to online shoppers around the world.

    Why buy teeth whitening product from Smile in Hour?

    • All our products are 100% authentic and sourced from USA or Europe.
    • FDA Approved Teeth Whitening Gel
    • Dental and Food Grade Teeth Whitening Gel
    • Easy to use painless teeth whitening from the comfort of your own home.
    • Recommended by experienced dentists.
    • Products are 100% pure with no fillers or additives.
    • Effectively whitens tobacco, coffee, tetracycline, brown stain and yellow teeth.
    • We offer a best price guarantee!

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